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Every human being is unique, so is our approach, when you ask for our collaboration.

We work with professional methods, in order to fulfill your expectations for perfection.



Biography is the story of a person’s life. The way of presentation usually includes a timetable, personal narration, philosophy, turning points, testimonies of friends and photographic material, interwoven with historical research.


Many people keep their memoirs in a journal, as they consider that nobody is interested, while others keep them in their memory. We help you to rediscover them, to edit them and have them printed. Your personal narration with participation in historical events contributes to the science of history.

Genealogical tree

Recording of one’s genealogy is not just a pleasant and interesting pursuit. It is a journey of self-discovery and awareness of our historical and social role. More and more the science of biology, provides us proof of our ancestor’s knowledge, that heredity holds up to seven generations and it is an important factor of our development. We create not only your genealogical tree, but an edition with a picture and biographical note of each member of the family. In addition, if sources allow, we search for the unfamiliar branches of your tree.

Family history

A family’s course through time can be equally interesting as a person’s life. If you consider that the story of your family is worth preserving, trust us! You will give a different dimension to your own course. Furthermore, family for you may be a wider social formation such as a club, a business a group or a working environment. Capture your experiences and recognize their value in your life.