Leoni Thanasoula is the creator of The Precious Tree biography + culture. She has studied History (The American College of Greece), Classical studies (The University of Leeds), Cultural Studies (Hellenic Open Univeristy) and Museum Studies (University of the Aegean). She studies autobiography as a genre, she offers autobiography workshops and works as a freelance researcher. Her activities and cooperations include cultural and educational institutions and organizations (Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, National Bank of Greece Cultural Foundation etc.), as well as any category of libraries (public and private) in Greece and abroad.

Fields of her research interests are auto/biographical works (written, visual, performing), the historical, individual and cultural aspect of benefaction and sponsorship, and the Arts, through promotion and review of art works. She has curated various exhibitions and events with innovative activities in cultural management. She is the founder of the cultural organization “Hellenic School of Proussos”. Articles of hers have been published in literature e-magazines and the local press of Eurytania. She has participated in scientific conferences, lectures and seminars.