Every human being is unique, so is our approach, when you ask for our collaboration.

We work with professional methods, in order to fulfill your expectations for perfection.


A man’s life-story is unique and precious! The Precious Tree biography + culture provides assistance in recording it in an interesting way for you, your beloved ones and the next generation. Together, we create a vivid narration using your testimony, diaries or any written material from personal and family archives selecting the most interesting form in presenting it, accordingly: autobiography, memoirs, chronicle. Autobiographical expression in any form is a way of self-knowledge and awareness of our historical and social role.

Family-Corporate history

A family’s route in time can equally be as fascinating as one’s life. Preserve your precious family history, and we help you record it in written form enriching it with the proper photographic material. We can also create your genealogical tree.

If your company has a long dynamic presence, it is wise to have it recorded and highlight its imprint in time. Reinforce your profile, increase your company’s assets by presenting its history. We create, utilize and organize your material either for internet use or the editing of a printed book.

Cultural heritage

The Precious Tree biography + culture supports every project for the protection and promotion of material and non-material cultural heritage, providing consulting and organizing services. With respect to the identity of the cultural object we narrate its history in the modern world with a creative approach.

Services offered:

  • Exhibitions of artistic/cultural content (concept, curation, organizing)
  • Promotion of historical places/communities
  • Historical research (bibliographical and archival research)
  • Classification and utilization of archives (of individuals, institutions, museums)
  • Oral testimonies, interviews

Guided autobiography workshop

Have you got a true story to narrate? Your personal or family history? The Precious Tree biography + culture workshop assists you shape it into an interesting narrative as you acquire knowledge through texts, creative exercises, discussion and sharing of your written stories. In 8 weekly meetings the participants are introduced in the method of autobiographical writing. The workshop contributes in organizing their material and narration and come into contact with texts which broaden their angle considering their writing. Sharing their stories significantly reinforces the experience of the workshop.

Special features: The workshop may be designed according to a central theme related to the history of a community.

Quite suitable to be included in the programme of libraries, clubs and cultural organizations.

No former experience or writing skills are required.